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    Codes of my paper about estimating LNOx from OMI.


      See my pull requests merged into Satpy.


        See my pull requests merged into Pyspectral.


          Converting the notes of reMarkable reader to PDF.

            HPC website

            The website of our school's HPC.


              A collection of articles, most likely on Satellite and Cloud ;)

              1st-author - Spaceborne Observations of Lightning NO2 in the Arctic

              Xin Zhang, Ronald van der A, Jieying Ding, Henk Eskes, Jos van Geffen, Yan Yin, Juliëtte Anema, Chris Vagasky, Jeff L. Lapierre, and Xiang Kuang
              In: Environmental Science & Technology


                1st-author - Influence of convection on the upper-tropospheric O3 and NOx budget in southeastern China

                Xin Zhang, Yan Yin, Ronald van der A, Henk Eskes, Jos van Geffen, Yunyao Li, Xiang Kuang, Jeff L Lapierre, Kui Chen, Zhongxiu Zhen, Jianlin Hu, Chuan He, Jinghua Chen, Rulin Shi, Jun Zhang, Xingrong Ye, and Hao Chen
                In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics


                  1st-author - Revisiting Lightning Activity and Parameterization Using Geostationary Satellite Observations

                  Xin Zhang, Yan Yin, Julia Kukulies, Yang Li, Xiang Kuang, Chuan He, Jeff L Lapierre, Dongxin Jiang, and Jinghua Chen
                  In: Remote Sensing


                    co-author - Aircraft observations of ice nucleating particles over the Northern China Plain: Two cases studies

                    Chuan He, Yan Yin, Wuyi Wang, Kui Chen, Rong Mai, Hui Jiang, Xin Zhang, and Chenwei Fang
                    In: Atmospheric Research


                      1st author - Estimates of Lightning NOx Production based on High Resolution OMI NO2 Retrievals over the Continental US

                      Xin Zhang, Yan Yin, Ronald van der A, Jeff L. Lapierre, Qian Chen, Xiang Kuang, Shuqi Yan, Jinghua Chen, Chuan He, and Rulin Shi
                      In: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques


                        co-author - The Roles of Mineral Dust as Cloud Condensation Nuclei and Ice Nuclei During the Evolution of a Hail Storm

                        Qian Chen, Yan Yin, Hui Jiang, Zhigang Chu, Lulin Xue, Rulin Shi, Xin Zhang and Jinghua Chen
                        In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres


                          co-author - Phthalate esters in atmospheric PM2.5 at Mount Tai, north China plain: Concentrations and sources in the background and urban area

                          Zhongxiu Zhen, Yan Yin, Kui Chen, Xin Zhang, Xiang Kuang, Hui Jiang, Honglei Wang, Yi Cui, Chuan He and Akinola OluseyiEzekiel
                          In: Atmospheric Environment



                            SRON (Netherlands Institute for Space Research)

                            Satellite Observations

                            2023 -

                            NUIST (Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology)

                            Atmospheric Physics and Environment

                            2017 - 2023

                            NUIST (Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology)

                            Environmental Science

                            2013 - 2017
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