EGU2019 签证(VISA)篇


All materials are listed on the website of the Austrian Visa Application Centre in China: English and Chinese version.

We need to apply for Business visit (商务访问) of Type C.

Please check them in detail by yourself, especially the DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (所需材料) part.


Issued within the previous 10 years. Minimum two blank visa pages. Valid for at least 3 months beyond the validity of your visa request. PP must be signed by its owner. Copy of data page; copies of pages showing visas and/or exit/entry stamps. Submission of previous passport(s) is appreciated.

If your passport begins with EF, you just need two copies of the first page (data page) and pages showing visas and/or exit/entry stamps. Otherwise, the last page should be copied too.


Colour, 35x45mm, white background, undamaged, no headpiece

Two photos must be taken by a professional photographer or the photographer of the local Visa Application Center (CNY 40). The staff will glue them for you.

HUKOU and ID Card

Copies of the whole hukou including the holder’s pages and all member information pages

Two copies of ID card and One copy of HUKOU.

Medical Insurance

Minimum coverage of EUR 30.000 for medical costs and repatriation. Valid in all Schengen Countries during the validity of the visa requested.

Please make sure the medical costs should be more than EUR 30.000.

I chose the standard plan (标准计划: 05-04-2019 ~ 15-04-2019: CNY 122) of Schengen travel insurance (申根旅行保险) Allianz SE (安联保险). If you need the invoice, please ask for the online service and she/he will give you an email address.

The duration must be 1-2 days before and after the whole trip.

One colorful printing of data page (For Allianz SE, the first two pages are enough).

Letter of Invitation

One copy of EGU2019-letter-of-invitation.pdf. Apply for a letter of invitation here.

Dispatching Letter

Purpose, duration and detailed program of the visit; stamped and signed by an authorized signatory

Position, salary, years of employment of applicant and confirmation of position after return.

Name, position and contact of the person responsible for the assumption of all travel expenses.

Dispatching letter is signed by university or school. Please contact the principal of your university or school.

For me, I handed in the letter of my school.

Business license of Chinese Enterprise

One stamped copy of university’s certificate of legal person of institution (事业单位法人证复印件) in Chinese. The staff will translate it for you (CNY 75).

Proof of Solvency of Application

Because my supervisor will cover all fees by his project, I declared these in the dispatching letter and add one Funding Certificate.

Update: Bank Statements are necessary: Stamped 3 months’ statements (Balance > 10,000)

Study Certificate

One stamped Study Certificate in English.

Application Form

It’s better to edit it by a software like Adobe Acrobat or icecream pdf editor (free).

  • Date and Signature should be left empty;
  • All information should be written in English;
  • Format of date: dd-mm-yyyy;


All fees should be paid in cash.

Total payable CNY 833:

  • VISA fees: CNY 473
  • VISA service fees: CNY 180
  • Courier fees: CNY 65
  • Photobooth fees: CNY 40
  • Translation fees: CNY 75

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If you have any questions, please join this QQ group:


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