WRF-Chem (MOZCART) and WRF_tips



i_parent_start and j_parent_start

As a rough approximation, keep about 1/3 of the coarse-grid domain surrounding each side of the nest.

Your nest domain dimensions will be (ending index - starting index)*3+1

e_we and e_sn

For nested domains, e_we and e_sn must be one greater than an interger multiple of the nest’s parent_grid_ratio. This is to ensure that a nest always starts and ends on a parent grid point. (i.e., e_we=n*parent_grid_ratio+1 for some integer n).

It is recommended to have domains no smaller than about 100x100. Note that there will be about 10 grid points (minimum of 5) on each side, in the boundary zone. If domains are too small, the solution will be determined by forcing data. Child domains should contain similar number of grid cells as the parent.


Possible available resolutions are 10m (~19km), 5m (~9km), 2m (~4km), and 30s (~0.9km).

When there are multiple resolutions available for geographical input data, choose a resolution that is slightly better than your grid resolution. For example, if your grid resolution is 9km, using 2 minute static data would be ideal.

dx and dy

It is recommended that dx and dy have the same value for Mercator, Polar, and Lambert projections.

ref_lat and ref_lon

it’s recommended that these are set to the center of the coarse domain


If this longitude is set to the same value as ref_lon, your coarsest domain will be centered.




out_format = 'WPS',
prefix = '............/WRF3.9.1/WPS/ungrib_output/FILE',   !set output_dir


fg_name = ........../WRF3.9.1/WPS/ungrib_output/FILE'
io_form_metgrid = 2,
opt_output_from_metgrid_path = '.............../WRF3.9.1/WPS/metgrid_output'   !set output_dir


  1. Run geogrid.exe

  2. ln –s ungrib/Variable_Tables/Vtable.GFS Vtable

    Link GRIB files to the correct file names in the run directory:

    link_grib.csh path_of_your_data

    Run ungrib.exe

  3. Run metgrid.exe


Here are my steps to generate emissions:


Run real.exe (chem_opt=0) to generate wrfinput_d0* and wrfbdy_d01;


Generate FINN fire-emissions following the README.WRF.fire;

Structure of directory

data_files                 fire_emis.inp        fire_emis.tgz    README.WRF.fire  test
FINNv1.5_2016.MOZ4.tar.gz  fire_emis_input.tar  README.GLB.fire  src

Files in ‘data_files’ directory






test.inp (in ‘src’ directory)

domains        = 3,
fire_directory = '/public/home/zhangxin/models/data/FINN/data_files/',
fire_filename  = 'GLOBAL_FINNv15_2016_MOZ4_05022017.txt',
wrf_directory  = '/public/home/zhangxin/models/data/FINN/data_files/',
start_date     = '2015-08-07',
end_date       = '2015-08-08',
diag_level     = 400,

wrf2fire_map = 'co -> CO', 'no -> NO', 'so2 -> SO2', 'bigalk -> BIGALK',
               'bigene -> BIGENE', 'c2h4 -> C2H4', 'c2h5oh -> C2H5OH',
                'c2h6 -> C2H6', 'c3h8 -> C3H8','c3h6 -> C3H6','ch2o -> CH2O', 'ch3cho -> CH3CHO',
                'ch3coch3 -> CH3COCH3','ch3oh -> CH3OH','mek -> MEK','toluene -> TOLUENE',
                'nh3 -> NH3','no2 -> NO2','open -> BIGALD','c10h16 -> C10H16',
                'gly -> CH3COCHO','acetol -> HYAC','isop -> ISOP','macr -> MACR'
                'mvk -> MVK', 'ch3cooh -> CH3COOH','cres -> CRESOL','glyald -> GLYALD','mgly -> CH3COCHO',
                'oc -> 0.24*PM25 + 0.3*PM10;aerosol', 'bc -> 0.01*PM25 + 0.08*PM10;aerosol',
                'sulf -> -0.01*PM25 + 0.02*PM10;aerosol',
                'pm25 -> 0.36*PM25;aerosol','pm10 -> -0.61*PM25 + 0.61*PM10;aerosol'


Generate MEGAN biogenic-emissions following README.bio_emiss and no error in the log;


domains = 3,
start_lai_mnth = 7,
end_lai_mnth   = 8,
wrf_dir   = '/nuist/u/home/xinzhang1215/work/model/history',


###Anthropogenic Emission

Generate MEIC anthropogenic-emissions (like NEI anthropogenic-emissions) successfully;

wesely and exo_coldens

Generate wesely and exo_coldens data files for MOZART successfully;


domains = 3,
wrf_dir = '/nuist/u/home/xinzhang1215/work/model/history',


domains = 3,
wrf_dir = '/nuist/u/home/xinzhang1215/work/model/history',


  1. Link all these emission files to the ’em_real’ directory
  2. Change chem_opt=112 and run real.exe again.
  3. Create lateral boundary and initial conditions from a global chemistry model NCAR/ACOM. Download required files of mozbc from https://www2.acom.ucar.edu/wrf-chem/wrf-chem-tools-community.

Note: mozart data must be 1-2 days before and after simulation date. For example, you simulation date is 2015-08-07~2015-08-08. Then you should download 2015-08-05~2015-08-10 mozart data



do_bc     = .true.
do_ic     = .true.
domain    = 3 !change for each domain and run n times
dir_wrf   = '/nuist/u/home/xinzhang1215/work/model/history/' !where I put copy of wrfbdy_d01 and wrfinput*
dir_moz = '/nuist/u/home/xinzhang1215/work/data/mozbc/'
fn_moz  = 'h0001.nc' !name of your mozart data
def_missing_var = .true.
spc_map = 'o3 -> O3', 'no -> NO',
          'no2 -> NO2', 'no3 -> NO3', 'nh3 -> NH3', 'hno3 -> HNO3', 'hno4 -> HO2NO2',
          'n2o5 -> N2O5', 'ho -> OH', 'ho2 -> HO2', 'h2o2 -> H2O2',
          'ch4 -> CH4', 'co -> CO', 'ch3o2 -> CH3O2', 'ch3ooh -> CH3OOH',
          'hcho -> CH2O', 'ch3oh -> CH3OH', 'c2h4 -> C2H4',
          'ald -> CH3CHO', 'ch3cooh -> CH3COOH', 'acet -> CH3COCH3', 'mgly -> CH3COCHO',
          'paa -> CH3COOOH', 'gly -> GLYOXAL',
          'pan -> PAN', 'mpan -> MPAN', 'macr -> MACR',
          'mvk -> MVK', 'c2h6 -> C2H6', 'c3h6 -> C3H6', 'c3h8 -> C3H8',
          'c2h5oh -> C2H5OH', 'etooh -> C2H5OOH', 'c10h16 -> C10H16',
          'onit -> ONIT', 'onitr -> ONITR', 'isopr -> ISOP',
          'isopn -> ISOPNO3', 'acetol -> HYAC', 'glyald -> GLYALD',
          'hydrald -> HYDRALD', 'mek -> MEK',
          'bigene -> BIGENE', 'open -> BIGALD', 'bigalk -> BIGALK',
          'tol -> TOLUENE',
          'cres -> CRESOL', 'dms -> DMS', 'so2 -> SO2',
          'BC1 -> .4143*CB1;1.e9', 'BC2 -> .4143*CB2;1.e9',
          'OC1 -> .4143*OC1;1.e9', 'OC2 -> .4143*OC2;1.e9',
          'SEAS_1 -> 2.*SA1;1.e9', 'SEAS_2 -> 2.*SA2;1.e9',
          'SEAS_3 -> 2.*SA3;1.e9', 'SEAS_4 -> 2.*SA4;1.e9'
          'DUST_1 -> 1.1738*[DUST1];1.e9', 'DUST_2 -> .939*[DUST2];1.e9',
          'DUST_3 -> .2348*[DUST2]+.939*[DUST3];1.e9',
          'DUST_4 -> .2348*[DUST3]+.5869*[DUST4];1.e9', 'DUST_5 -> .5869*[DUST4];1.e9'
  1. copy modfied wrfinput* and wrfbdy_d01 to em_real directory
  2. Run wrf.exe

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